IT Services

that make a difference

Through our experience we can support your organisation in a multitude of ways. Our teams can work near shore remote or local. The choice is yours. We offer a unique onsite rotation system where our team of near shore people rotate within the team dedicated to your project and work locally. That way each team […]

Our WOW (Way Of Work)
  • We provide services, we do not become a product owner
    Near Shore Remote services with periodic onsite visits 
    Local Onsite concept with or without rotation

Operational Services

adding value to your company

The idea arose from the realization that the workforce on the shop floor increasingly consists of a multicultural and diverse reality. A reality that the management in the current work environment does not take into account and as a result does not know how to deal with it. This causes a lot of irritation, injustice […]

Our WOW (Way Of Work)
  • Intake (audit & screening)
    Conceptual design
    Follow up and after-care