Operational Services

adding value to your company

The idea arose from the realization that the workforce on the shop floor increasingly consists of a multicultural and diverse reality.

A reality that the management in the current work environment does not take into account and as a result does not know how to deal with it.

This causes a lot of irritation, injustice and incomprehension on the recruitment floor. So there is often insufficient connection between middle/higher management and the working person and vice versa. Resulting in companies not running efficiently nor smoothly. This causes many social conflicts.

Moreover, the well-known HR recipes do not provide an answer to this question and hardly add any value, support nor “buy in”. It is a rather one-sided approach. In the end, they often fail to deliver the right middle management or leadership that is adapted to the work population with the right values, norms and drive. If you can find competent people at all!

However, things can be different and a number of a-typical people got to know each other on the shop floor by chance and joined forces to give an answer based on their years of operational experience and proven track record.

It is our mission to provide sustainable, long-term solutions and concepts with an eye for values and standards, ethically responsible, safety and quality. Offering a flat no nonsense, human system and approach adapted to the social reality of the ever-changing market environment.

Concepts of yesterday, in today’s market are tomorrow’s bankruptcy !

We focus on these operational services:

  • Interim management
  • Consulting and screening of your HR needs
  • Development of concepts
    • Guidance in transitioning companies to more diverse and multi-cultural organisations
    • Coaching and training your managers in dealing with diversity (on the job, through team-building or seminars)
    • Support in technical roles (focus on logistical solutions)
  • Headhunting & recuitment